Does it ever seem like life has just hit you upside the head?
I know I get the feeling. However, I also know a few people who would just start complaining about it. When they do this, it makes life miserable for the rest of us, In so doing, we ourselves get the feeling. Are we just going to pass it on to others? or are we going to make a difference? 

Get up, and GO!
I now pose this question to you: Will you be the one that encourages others, or discourages them? Life can, and will get rough, for everyone. I suppose you are now thinking; "Well, this isn't very encouraging..." Please, allow me to finish my thought... Otherwise I will loose it... Anyway... Life will pull the rug out from under you, and it is our job, as Christians, to get up, brush ourselves off, and thank the Lord that he gave us a nervous system, and continue on our way. But it's not just the 'getting up' part, it's the "What can I learn from this experience?" that will truly get us going again. For if you learned your lesson, God won't have a need to send a little bit of 'experience' your way.

I hope this small tidbit has encouraged you somehow. If it has, check out all the other stuff on this site! Thanks for reading!


Lydia Hoppman
11/18/2013 7:42am

Great thoughts and words of encouragement Jeremiah! Keep it up. :-)

Alicia A. Willis
11/26/2013 6:11pm

Nice, Jerry. Keep posting over here!


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