Tis' the season! Everyone's favorite holiday! Full of wallet-emptying shopping, and belt-busting eating... and that is probably the optimistic view, right?
Not so my friends... not so... There is so much more 'merry' to Christmas than this.

Christmas is not about how much you spend buying gifts, it's about how much the gifts actually mean to the recipients. It's not about gorging on the turkey and/or duck, it's the family and friends you share it with. It's not about us getting earthly gifts, it's about the One that gave the ultimate gift.
Yeah, you probably see my drift.
Jesus Christ. The Son of God, came down to earth to be the Son of Man. That alone, is incredible! 
What's even greater, is that He gave us so much more than just himself. He gave us the gift of eternal life with Him, He gave us the road map that will lead us there, He showed a perverse world what it really means to give. 
This Christmas, forget about spending till you'r card gets sore, or eating till your belt breaks... 
This Christmas, Remember. 
Remember the incredible price that was paid to give us the assurance of life with the Father that truly knows how to give. =)
Have a blessed Christmas season y'all!


12/01/2013 8:18pm

"Turkey and/or duck"? Don't you mean ham? :-) Good post Jer!

12/01/2013 8:49pm

Great reminder, Jeremiah! Thanks for posting. It's easy to get caught up in the music and lights and festivities and put the real reason we are celebrating on the back burner.
Thanks for the great post to get us into the REAL Christmas spirit!! =D

12/07/2013 1:06pm

I get your drift....thanks for the lift....


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